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About Us

YANG.c.c. – “Youth as Agents to Negate Global climate change via visual means” is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

Project Code: 2021-2-SE02-KA210-YOU-000048624

Our Story

The project “Youth as Agents to Negate Global climate change via visual means” –  aims to use animation technology to empower youth to be active on the field of climate change. 

Our project wishes to address these points and contribute to increasing the awareness of young adults, in their own potential and capability of combating Climate Change. In order to do that, our project aims to provide the necessary knowledge of youth in creating short animation films to express their views. Animation is a quick and approachable means of letting people open up to each other, as well as connect them and allow them to present their views and worries or enhance their creativity and story-telling.

Creating animation videos and screenplay would be an incredible incentive for social change and the final result will be utilized as a means to promote youth participation in raising the public’s awareness and their active participation as citizens, providing them with the means to be involved or affect environmental governance.


The project proposes two training courses. These training courses will be targeted at youth trainers mixed with youth learners (leaders), providing them with the necessary skill set needed to understand animation technology and its functions. Thereafter, these youth trainers assisted by the leaders will train youth on those topics locally, bringing their newly found skills to use, and guiding them to create short animation films on the topic of climate change and through the video’s publication.

First training course

The first LTTA of the Erasmus+ project YANGc.c.”Youth as Agents to Negate Global climate change via visual means”, took place in Sofia, Bulgaria between 7-11th of October 2022. The Activity presented the participants the topic of the use of Animation Techniques to help active youth to pass on messages on climate change via visual means.

During the meeting, the participants received a short introduction to film editing technology by Filip Donchev, filmmaker, actor and teacher, and were introduced to a set of skills needed in order to understand and be able to train others in the use of techniques related to animation as a means to empower youth to actively participate in the fight against environmental issues such as climate change.

Meet the partners

The partners within YANG C.C. have broad experience working with creative, social and cultural projects. We represent Sweden, Greece, and Bulgaria and are devoted to sustainability and social change. 

Malmö Ideella


Dracon RDS_edited.png

Dracon Rules Design Studio


CCBE LOGO_edited_edited.jpg

Centre for Capacity Building and Empowerment 


Pnevma LLC


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