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Kick-off Meeting in Greece

KC kompetenscenter

21 juni 2022

First Transnational Meeting in Greece, Karditsa in June 16-17th

Our first meeting was held in Greece, Karditsa in June 16-17th. All partners were represented on place, and there were presentations and discussions about the projects aim, what results we are expecting, and practical planning for the project administration and upcoming meetings.

Projects objectives:

•To present an easy path for youth to be active on the field of climate change, by shaping and producing animation projects of their own, in order to increase their voice and output, enabling them to pass on ideas and messages to policymakers and the wider public.

•To orchestrate training events to directly educate the target groups, providing them a set of key knowledge and skills relevant to animation creation as a tool of giving people the power to speak up and voice their concerns.

•To disseminate the project results to a large number of relevant target groups and stakeholders, including educational institutions and environmental policy makers.

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