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Animation Techniques blended LLTA, Bulgaria

11 Oct 2022

The first LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities) took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 7-11, 2022.

The Activity presented the participants the topic of the use of Animation Techniques to help active youth to pass on messages on climate change via visual means.

During the meeting, the participants received a short introduction to film editing technology by Filip Donchev, filmmaker, actor and teacher, and were introduced to Animation theory, history and hardware. to help the gather a set of skills needed in order to understand and be able to train others in the use of techniques related to animation as a means to empower youth to actively participate in the fight against environmental issues such as climate change.

The curriculum of the training course was the following:

  1. What exactly is Animation?

  2. The essential basics of Photography

  3. The art of video editing

  4. The inspiration of combining the reality with the virtual world

  5. Everything you need to know in order to create the perfect movie

  6. Practical session

  7. Presenting the materials created

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